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EVERDYN masters the latest technologies in the field of industrial computing, process supervision, automation and robotics.


EVERDYN can occur at every stage of your project, as well as a part of advisory missions, integration of new infrastructure, or maintenance of existing.


Developer and integrator of high-tech solutions and services, EVERDYN assists you in managing your productivity and optimizing your industrial performance, always looking for :

  • Energy saving,

  • Environmental protection, 

  • Improved productivity, 

  • Robustness of the facilities.


From a specific intervention to a ”turnkey” system, EVERDYN has earned a strong and deep industrial culture, needed to provide the level of service you need, to all subjects encountered in SCADA business :

  • Industrial supervision,

  • Data analysis

  • PLCs

  • Automation architecture consulting,

  • Specific development.


Since 2007, EVERDYN conducts all its services and interventions in a highly sharp QHSE process (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment), referring to MASE and ISO 9001 standards.


In order to always maintain its technological lead, EVERDYN holds a business unit of Research and Development, working on processes of optimization, on decision support and on innovative Natural User Interface (NUI).


The EVERDYN story

In 2004, Nicolas Le Ny, engineer at ST Microelectronics (France), decided to create his own company : the adventure of the EVERDYN story begins in Marseille (France).


Very quickly, EVERDYN story takes an international dimension thanks to a new product which has been developed, OP Suite, which is installed in the factories of ST Microelectronics in France, Malta, Morocco, Malaysia, China, Philippines and Singapore.


Through the years, EVERDYN grows along with its clients and contracts, and creates new agencies throughout France: Aix-en-Provence, Grenoble, Tours and Lyon.


Gradually EVERDYN moves to personalized support for its customers and creates a business unit of R&D to answer any problems encountered.

Thereby EVERDYN drives forward new technologies and constantly offers new solutions and products for industrial supervision softwares.


EVERDYN commitments

EVERDYN, 2010 Solidarity Day
EVERDYN, 2010 Solidarity Day

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EVERDYN, 2010 Solidarity Day
EVERDYN, 2010 Solidarity Day

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EVERDYN, 2015 Solidarity Day
EVERDYN, 2015 Solidarity Day

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EVERDYN, 2010 Solidarity Day
EVERDYN, 2010 Solidarity Day

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EVERDYN, a responsible and caring company


Since 2009, EVERDYN chose to establish a program of solidarity and commitments towards civil Society.


The whole EVERDYN’s team undertakes generously with charities every year. Because helping people and acting for a more united society are part of Everdyn’s commitments. We believe that if every person makes a little gesture, great things could be realised.  


Everywhere in France, “everdyners” work for homeless, poor, elderly, offenders, habitual criminals and children with disabilities, alongside organizations such as “Restos du Cœur”, the Banque Alimentaire or the organization “Les Bouchons d’Amour”.


Quality & Certifications

All EVERDYN’s services and products fit into a highly sharp QHSE process (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment), as they are applied to industry and high tech.

EVERDYN holds MASE Certification (Manuel d’Amélioration de la Sécurité dans l’Entreprise / Manual of Improving Safety in the Company) since 2007.

EVERDYN also follows an integrated management process for Quality and Safety, in order to meet ISO 9001.

Then, EVERDYN is a Wonderware certified system integrator. This is a guarantee of advanced skills and extensive experience on Wonderware products. So EVERDYN holds licenses to develop Wonderware products and offers to its customers, sound advice, relevant and innovative solutions, at the right price and with the best guarantees of deadlines and within budget.